Does Modafinil Give You Energy?

Written on December 23, 2022 by | Reviewed by William Gallagher, MNeuroSci

I have been searching on the internet for people who actually felt energetic after taking Modafinil. I have always found a lot of people claiming that it did, but when I read their posts they never actually explain their experiences and what it did for them in terms of getting more energy.

They only say that they felt more awake or more aware of what was going on around them or just a general sense of well-being.

These are all things that could very easily be associated with feeling energized, so I don't really think those people were any different than me before taking Modafinil.

The only time I felt like Modafinil gave me actual energy was when I was doing something stressful, and there is absolutely no way to tell if that's because of the Modafinil or because the stress made me feel more awake than normal.

This is probably the case since I don't really feel like it helps me with anything unless there's something stressful going on.

Trying Out Modafinil

So I decided to test it out and go to the gym for a workout.

I took Modafinil at 6 pm that evening and worked out normally for about an hour per session. It was a pretty good workout, but my mood didn't really change other than feeling slightly more alert and having a terrible time falling asleep.

Now, when I took Modafinil in the morning before going to work, however, I remember feeling like it woke up my brain into a state of wakefulness and concentration similar to what coffee does with your brain in the morning. Just way more potent.

A thing that I noticed taking Modafinil is that it gave me 'cleaner' energy that I sustained for 4-6 hours without any crash afterward (which is always the case when I drink coffee).

And I realized that this is probably because it didn't stimulate me the way coffee does, and therefore did not make me all jittery.

In fact, when I take caffeine from other sources such as guarana pills or energy drinks, I almost always get jittery afterward since these stimulants tend to be very harsh on my system.

Since Modafinil is a traditional stimulant, there was essentially no crash after the drug seemed to wear off from my body.

And I did not feel anything other than a very minor headache throughout the day which easily went away after drinking lots of water.

Working Out On Modafinil

One of the thing I noticed when taking Modafinil before a workout is the insane amount of energy and focus I had when lifting weights.

And I mean it when I say insane because usually when people lift weights, they tend to zone out.

But not me, whenever I'm taking Modafinil before hitting up the gym, I can stay focused and concentrate for hours on end with the workout and cardio.

And not just that, Modafinil also makes me want to work out harder than usual so I can get those gains as soon as possible!

The mental and physical energy you experience from Modafinil is real, and I can testify to that based on my own experience.