Does Modafinil give you energy? (Personal experience)

I have been searching on the internet for people who actually felt energetic after taking Modafinil. I have always found a lot of people claiming that it did, but when I read their posts they never actually explain how they why it did it.

They only say that they felt more awake or more aware of what was going on around them or just a general sense of well being.

These are all things that could very easily be associated with feeling energized, so I don't really think those people were any different than me before taking Modafinil.

The only time I felt like Modafinil gave me actual energy was when I was doing something stressful, and there is absolutely no way to tell if that's because of the Modafinil or because the stress made me feel more awake than normal.

This is probably the case since I don't really feel like it helps me with anything unless there's something stressful going on.

Trying Out Modafinil

So I decided to test it out and go to the gym for a workout.

I took Modafinil at 6pm that evening and worked out normally for about an hour per session. It was a pretty good workout, but my mood didn't really change other than feeling slightly more alert and had a terrible time falling asleep.

Now, when I took Modafinil in the morning before going to work, however, I remember feeling like it woke up my brain into a state of wakefulness and concentration similar to what coffee does with your brain in the morning. Just waaay more potent.

A thing that I noticed taking Modafinil is that it gave me 'cleaner' energy that I sustained for 4-6 hours without any crash afterwards (which is always the case when I drink coffee).

Side Effects I Experienced

It wasn't until after lunch that day that I started noticing the strange changes in how my body felt.

My hands tingled slightly on their own before realizing what was happening (a very common side effect of the drug), but eventually they started feeling extremely hot and tingly.

Before they got tingly they were also incredibly sore due to spending forty-five minutes on a cross-trainer while doing some bodyweight exercises.

This side effect seemed to only last for about an hour and a half though, so luckily it didn't last for too long.

I also started noticing that my brain felt like it was searching constantly for something to do, like I was just waiting there trying to figure out what was going on around me all day.

I would get this sensation of staring into space as I sat there thinking, but again after a while the feeling would subside and I would feel normal again.

Side Effects I Didn't Experience

I have mostly gotten rid of the tingling and soreness that I felt on Modafinil.

My hands do still feel incredibly hot (pretty weird and hard to explain) but they don't seem like they're in pain so hopefully that will subside soon.

After sitting at my desk all day I've noticed that my arms always start to get numb about an hour or so before I have to leave.

Overall though, the "edge" this drug gives me is completely worth it to me.

It's definitely not for everyone though especially if you are taking it for depression or something like that.

You can always start off taking lower doses if you want too.

I started out at 50 mg/day, which is where most people should start anyway.

In Summary

Modafinil is an interesting drug that everyone should try, but always read about it first so you don't overdose and overstimulate yourself (which almost happened to me).

Just start off with a low dose of 50 mg/day and see how you feel.

If you have any type of exam or stressful event coming up where you need to stay alert and awake for it, I can guarantee that this smart drug will do the trick.

In terms of energy, Modafinil is great for stressful events and your workout, but not so much for general everyday use.

Modafinil is a smart drug that if taken properly can help you get a lot done with the extra motivation that it will give you.

That being said, it doesn't really give you extra energy like some people claim, it just helps you stay awake and alert. That's it (at least not in my experience).