Is Agmatine Sulfate A Stimulant?


In this article I’ll take a closer look at a popular pre-workout, and Nootropic, supplement called; Agmatine Sulfate.

Here are the topics I will be covering in today’s article:

  • Is Agmatine Sulfate a stimulant?
  • Do you crash from taking it?
  • What does Agmatine feel like?
  • How does it compare to caffeine and adderall?
  • How long does it take to kick in (and how long does it stay in your system?)

…. So without further ado, let’s just jump straight into it!

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Agmatine Sufate is also known by some other names such as agmatine, 4-ganidine, and a few other names.

Basically it is a metabolite derived out of Arginine and it therefore is an amino acid. It would not be right to classify Agmatine Sulfate as a BCAA and it is in no way related to protein of any kind.

However, there are many who believe that it is helpful and offers some benefits.

Agmatine Sulfate is NOT considered to be a stimulant like caffeine. This also means that there are no crash-like effects. That being said Agmatine Sulfate do stimulate NOS-production which will stimulate and enhance blood flow (hence why people take it as a pre-workout supplement or brain enhancer.)

Agmatine is derived when it is allowed to go through a process of decarboxylation.

When Agmatine Sulfate is taken orally, it works in our guts. Our guts help in this substance go through the process of decarboxylation. Its main function is to impede the production of something known as NOS or Nitric Oxide Synthase. It does so by influencing three enzymes.

When these three enzymes are influenced it could do certain functions as far as our body is concerned. It could help in fighting harmful bacteria, and it could facilitate communication with the brain.

Primarily Agmatine Sulfate is used to treat patients who are looking for pain management. Hence it is useful for patients who suffer from different levels of chronic pain.

At the same time, it also works against certain classes of glutamate receptors and it helps the patients to have a different approach when it comes to perceiving pain. Yes it also could help in reducing inflammation and improve neuronal activity.

Other medical benefits include reduced depression, and this has been proven quite well on various tests done on animals.

When this happens there are reasons to believe that it could play a big role in improving our energy and vitality levels.

It also influences one more enzyme known as eNOS and this could help in improving blood pressure.



Agmatine Sulfate is generally considered to be safe with no risk of crashing.

That being said, some people have reported a negative impact on their mood post-workout.

Generally speaking, Agmatine Sulfate is well-tolerated and is not considered to be a stimulant, hence why you shouldn’t experience any crash-like effects.



Agmatine Sulfate could play a role in increasing exercise performance.

Though there may not be enough studies to this effect, there are many who have experienced an increase in the levels of nitric oxide in their bodies.

When this happens, obviously it can lead to increased secretion of Beta-endorphins and blood flow.

This will make you feel positive, energetic and happy when you are using Agmatine in the right dosage. If you’re working out you’ll also experience a better pump due to increased NOS / blood flow.



When you choose Agmatine as a bodybuilding tool during workouts and pumping, quite often I see people asking whether it can be stacked with other ingredients.

There are many who are keen to know more about Agmatine vs caffeine.

According to anecdotes and also some top trainers and bodybuilding professionals, combining caffeine along with agmatine sulfate is recommended at times.

This is because it could create the right supplement that is pumped up in the right sense of the term.

There are many who add a few more ingredients to the stack so that the required goals and purposes are achieved.



Adderall is a combination of two substances and they are amphetamine and dextroamphetamine.

This is a known stimulant and it works extremely well for those who are keen on improving the levels of focus, concentration and attention.

It also can help in overcoming some behavioral problems. It could also play a role in improving listening skills and organize your tasks much better.

Agmatine Sulfate not only works as an excellent stimulant but could play a big role in improving muscle pumps. It also could play a much more effective and better role when it comes to intra-workout energy.

It also does efficiently certain tasks that are done quite well by Adderall.

For example, agmatine could do a great job as a nootropic. It could help in mental clarity or focus.

At the same time, apart from physical health, it could do a good job as far as mental health is concerned.



It takes around 30 minutes for the effects of Agmatine to kick in and will hit its peak at around the 1-hour-mark.

However, this would depend on various factors.

These include the purpose for which it is being used, the age and general health of the person.

Most importantly dosage is an important consideration to keep in mind when using Agmatine.

But given the normal circumstances and the normal dosage for managing neurological problems, it is believed that Agmatine suflate should start working within one hour.

Therefore, you have to adjust your dosage accordingly and if you are unsure you must get in touch with your doctor.

There have been many instances where customers have been asked by their doctors and body-building instruction to stop using the drug temporarily.

This is done with the main objective as to the other possible side effects that the substance may have on the end-users concerned.



When oral agmatine is taken through the oral route it certainly goes straight into our gastrointestinal tracts. It gets readily distributed throughout the body.

The half-life of this product is known to be extremely short (2-3 hours). It gets rapidly eliminated from the non-brain organs if the substance has been non-metabolized.

For that reason it doesn’t stay in your system for more than 6-7 hours.

This happens through the kidneys and it is believed that Agmatine does not stay in the system beyond two hours. In view of the fact that it gets rapidly removed from the bloodstream, it is considered to be safe.

However, when a person is using it for body building rather than managing certain health conditions and diseases, he or she has to be careful.

Regular and rapid elimination of Agmatine sulphate from the system could lead to a number of health problems. It could put extra pressure and strain on the kidneys, liver and also perhaps on the cardiovascular system.

Therefore when using it for pumping, and as a stimulant in the gym or during workouts, it would not be a bad idea to exercise caution and care in as many ways as possible.

For example, if a person has some pre-existing health issues it would be better to be careful and check with his or her doctor before moving forward.

While agmatine sulphate is certainly a great product for managing a host of health related issues, and also perhaps as a stimulant its credentials as performance enhancer and body builder still needs to be studied in some more detail.

In Conclusion

There is no denying the fact that Agmatine Sulfate is a fantastic product that has stood the test of time.

It is capable of treating various diseases and illnesses both physical and mental.

However, the product continues to be discreetly used as a performance enhancer and also as a stimulant.

Since it helps in better absorption and usage of nitric acid, many bodybuilders consider it indispensable.

It helps in pumping of the muscles, increases stamina and staying powerful in the gym and helps in better absorption of protein by the body post workout.

However, there are some issues with regard to its safety and it is not totally free from side effects.

When you are using it for other purposes than medicine and illness treatment, you have to be careful.

You have to get into touch with your physician or fitness expert.

Do not hide any pre-existing medical conditions, illnesses and other such things.

Your age and overall levels of physical fitness also has an important role to play when it comes to selecting Agmatine Sulfate.


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