Is Piracetam Legal?

Written on January 8, 2023 by | Reviewed by William Gallagher, MNeuroSci

Piracetam is considered an uncontrolled smart drug in most countries. This means that Piracetam is legal to possess without a prescription.

It is possible to purchase piracetam online and have it shipped to most countries. Piracetam is sold as a medication in many European countries. That being said, it may be illegal to import into the US.

Piracetam is still sold within the US as a dietary supplement with label claims for improving memory, and cognition and even mitigating the effects of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

What Does The Law Say?

As briefly mentioned above, Piracetam is legal to possess without a prescription in most countries due to the fact that the drug is classified as an uncontrolled substance. Some countries, however, have banned the use and sale of Piracetam.

That being said, Piracetam is perfectly legal in the United States under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

Dietary supplements are defined as "a product taken by mouth that contains a 'dietary ingredient' intended to supplement the diet other than a vitamin, a mineral, an herb or other botanical, or an amino acid. A dietary supplement can be a concentrate, constituent, extract, or combination of any of the above."

What is more confusing for most consumers is that piracetam is also typically sold as a dietary supplement.

In fact, you may have come across a number of websites that classify piracetam as a dietary supplement and state the legal status of piracetam as being "all-natural" or "safe".

What Are The Risks?

Because piracetam is legal in the United States, there are no restrictions on production, labeling or dietary supplement claims. This means that consumers are left to rely on their own research to gather information about the potential risks and benefits of using piracetam.

This can lead to some confusion when it comes to manufacturing practices,

Recent studies have shown that some piracetam sold online may not contain the amount claimed or could even contain more than one active ingredient.

Since there is no regulation or any type of quality control, it may not even be piracetam that you are taking. It could be something completely different that might have more risks associated with it.

Piracetam and The FDA

Piracetam is currently legal as a dietary supplement in most countries worldwide.

However, this can cause a number of problems that impact on the safety of consumers.

It is very difficult for consumers to know where their piracetam originates from, what is in it and where this substance has been.

If you are considering using piracetam, try and find a company that is open about it.

It is recommended that you try and find a site that offers information on third-party testing of their ingredients.

The reason for this is that it will give you the peace of mind that your piracetam is what it is supposed to be.

All in all, Piracetam is legal in the United States, however, it is important to be aware of the risks involved with using piracetam and other dietary supplements.

The FDA has had problems in the past with dietary supplements that have been contaminated with heavy metals or prescription drug ingredients.

Consumers who choose to use piracetam are advised to make sure they are purchasing from a reliable source and can trust that their product is of high quality.

Piracetam is also legal in a number of European countries and some of the world's largest online retailers may ship to most countries.

The importance of this can be stressed when consumers are choosing an online retailer for their piracetam as there is no third-party testing or quality control.

Finding a company that you can trust will allow you to take your piracetam safely and with full confidence.