What Does Modafinil Feel Like?

Written on December 15, 2022 by | Reviewed by William Gallagher, MNeuroSci

So I have been taking Modafinil for quite some time now (around 1 year on and off).

One of the questions I see a lot on forums is from people curious to know what to expect before they purchase Modafinil for the first time, especially how it makes you feel once it kicks in.

I totally get that. I was there too.

So in today's article I'll try to dive a little deeper into the effects of Modafinil so you hopefully can get an answer to your question before you're done reading.

Now, keep in mind that this article is mainly based on my own personal experience with Modafinil and how it makes me feel whenever I take it.

It might have a completely different effect on you. Just a heads-up before we continue.

So without further ado, let's just get started, shall we?

How Modafinil Made Me Feel

Well, I'm going to do my best to try help answer that question based on my own personal experience.

When I first started using Modafinil, the ability to stay awake and alert for longer periods of time was the benefits that interested me the most (and the reason why I bought it in the first place).

I took my first 100 mg dosage in the morning with a cup of coffee and it had an immediate effect on me.

Modafinil is a pretty weird Smart Drug in my opinion.

It doesn't really feel like you're 'on something' when you take it. You're just awake. Like REALLY awake and alert. To a point where you know that something is definitely going on.

Whenever I take Modafinil it gives me 6-8 hours of tunnel vision and focus.

Once the effects wear off I get ZERO crash which is huge for me.

That being said, I usually take anywhere from 100 to 200 mg so I haven't experimented with larger doses.

Other Weird Effects I Experienced

So I have noticed two weird things that happen whenever I take Modafinil.

The first one is how it reduces mind-chattering by 80%.

Seriously. It almost feels like I'm in a post-meditative state where the mind is quiet and you're 100% alert and present to the moment. Everything around you seems peaceful. It's hard to explain but if you meditate you know what I'm talking about.

The other weird effect it has on me, is that whenever I go above 150mg in a day, my body temperature increases slightly.

To a point where it feels like I'm walking around with a fever which is annoying.

I read somewhere that it has something to do with histamine (how that works, I have no clue).

What It Feels Like To Take Modafinil Daily

So besides keeping me awake and alert for longer periods of time, Modafinil also has a number of other effects on how I feel during my day.

It makes me feel more positive and motivated to continue my work and do the things I need to do.

It also contributes to increased creativity and productivity, which is awesome.

What I like the most about taking Modafinil is the sense of overall confidence in myself that it gives me.

Also the reduced mind-chatter that I explained previously is extremely beneficial whenever I attend social events (it pretty much kills my social anxiety, just like Phenibut, but without any nasty withdrawals symptoms.)

I feel like I'm capable of doing just about anything when I'm on it.

I don't know how much of this is placebo or Modafinil but who cares it works and that's all that matters.

Did I Feel Any Discomfort?

So besides the slight increase in body temperature that I described earlier (which doesn't really bother me that much).

Modafinil also suppresses my appetite which makes fasting a walk in the park (I do KETO and OMAD).

I don't get hungry at all when I take it. Or if I do, it's very minimal. It seriously makes me look forward to fasting.

That's pretty much it. I don't really experience any headaches, insomnia or other side effects like that.

Maybe it's because I eat KETO (high intake of eggs and salt which are loaded with Choline)?