4 Best Nootropics For Weight Loss In 2022

Written on February 3, 2022 by | Reviewed by William Gallagher, MNeuroSci

In this article I'll be discussing Nootropics as a tool to increase cognitive function and why they may be used for weight loss.

Nootropic supplements are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for healthy alternatives to stimulant-based fat burners or other performance enhancing drugs.

Their popularity is supported by the science behind them, which will be explained in this article.

So without further ado, let's just get straight into it, shall we?

Nootropics and Weight Loss: Why They Work


Nootropics help to increase cognitive function directly by increasing the production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

These include serotonin (boosts mood), dopamine (increases focus) and adrenaline, which are responsible for our “fight or flight” response.

These neurotransmitters are also known to suppress appetite, which is why Nootropics may be used for weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Nootropic supplements have also been shown in studies to improve memory function, increase motivation and reduce the effects of sleep deprivation.

They have been proven to improve cognitive function in a variety of ways, including:

  • Increasing neurotransmitter levels (neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit signals from one neuron to another)
  • Nootropics increase BDNF production - brain derived neurotrophic factor is essential for neuron growth and Nootropics have been shown to increase the production of this in the brain, which is particularly beneficial for those suffering from depression or memory loss.
  • Nootropic supplements also improve mitochondrial function - mitochondria create adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which cells need as a source of energy. The more mitochondria that are available, the more energy you have. Nootropics allow for increased production of ATP in cells, thus increasing your overall energy levels.

Cognitive Enhancement supplements work by influencing neurotransmitters directly within the brain which is why they can be so beneficial to those looking for optimal cognitive function without resorting to stimulant-based Nootropics.

So Nootropics are safe, natural methods of enhancing cognitive function and can be used as a powerful tool for weight loss when coupled with healthy diet and exercise regimes.

Weight Loss May Be Restricted By a Lack of Motivation

Nootropics can provide a boost to the brain chemicals that are responsible for motivation and cognition which may increase our ability to lose weight

They have been shown in many studies to be able to improve focus and mental energy, leading us to feel more awake during the day by fighting fatigue.

This increased feeling of energy is often reported to be the reason Nootropics users are able to workout for longer and harder.

When combined with a calorie-restricted diet, Nootropics can help us feel more motivated to stick to our goals by improving our mood as well as suppressing our appetite.

The Nootropics that are most effective for weight loss are those that target the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine which can all be found in Nootropic stacks designed specifically with weight loss in mind.

It's Difficult to Drop Weight While Feeling Fatigued


Nootropics can also help us feel less fatigued during the day by increasing dopamine levels, which is a neurotransmitter that gives us feelings of happiness and pleasure when released in sufficient quantities.

This leads to an increase in motivation throughout the day to exercise which allows us to burn more calories.

By increasing the amount of energy we have during our workout, Nootropics can help increase fat loss by making it easier for us stick to an intense training regimen that is required when restricting your calorie intake.

Norepinephrine levels are especially important in weight loss as they are responsible for stimulating the body and increasing our heart rate, leading to an increase in calorie burn.

Nootropics that target these systems include: Adrafinil, Modafinil & Noopept which all allow you to stay awake longer whilst giving you more energy during your workouts.

Many people will experience a "crash" after coming off of Nootropics after long term use.

The crash occurs because our brain has adapted to the changes that were made and is now functioning without them, causing us to feel fatigued until we find a new equilibrium in these neurotransmitter levels.

This can be avoided by cycling your dosage so you don't get too used to any one Nootropic.

It's also important to make sure you don't take any other nootropics during this time as they will likely clash with each other and cause unwanted side effects, unless of course it's another.

Reduce Stress and Balance Your Mood

Nootropics can also help improve your mood and reduce stress by increasing serotonin levels, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness.

Serotonin has been shown in many studies to be crucial for weight loss as it is the primary hormone involved in appetite suppression.

This means that when serotonin levels are low, we feel more hungry which makes it hard to eat less food and lose weight.

A great way to increase serotonin levels is by taking nootropics, which has shown in research studies to do just that.

Nootropics help by increasing the brain's release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and GABA while also blocking their reuptake so they stay active longer than usual.

Research shows this helps improve mood, focus, memory, motivation and energy levels all of which are crucial for weight loss.

Memory Boosting May Aid in the Management of Appetite

memory appetite nootropics

Memory boosting refers to the cognitive function that helps with recalling information. Memory is considered to be part of short-term or long-term memory.

Memory has been known to play a role in appetite control, according to new research.

This function is based on two neural circuits, one that matches memory cues with hunger, and one that assigns “valence” or pleasure ratings to memories associated with food.

Selective interference by different drugs affects the memory cues and inhibits appetite.

The study clarifies that administering a drug, such as metformin or modafinil, can influence food intake by reducing memories of high-calorie foods without affecting other memories.

This is because these drugs affect an area in the brain responsible for assigning positive values to rewarding stimuli. When this area of the brain is occupied, it means that memories associated with high-calorie foods are less likely to be remembered.

This can lead to a decrease in appetite and help facilitate weight loss.

Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helpful When It Comes To Weight Loss?

In a nutshell, cognitive-behavioral therapy is effective in the reduction of weight.

In some cases, short-term CBT focused on reducing addictive behaviors like overeating can be helpful for people who are overweight or obese.

So the short answer to the question is yes.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been shown to be quite effective when it comes to weight loss and improvement of general wellbeing.

There are a number of different reasons as to why cognitive behavioral therapy is important for weight loss.

It has been shown to be quite effective in the reduction of stress levels, which is a major factor in the development of weight problems.

In addition, it can help people identify and change problem behaviors such as overeating or improper food preparation.

It also encourages people to be more mindful about their eating habits, with an emphasis on enjoying food without guilt or shame.

The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to eliminate bad habits and replace them with healthy ones that will create long-term benefits for a person's wellbeing.

The aim is not just about weight loss but about improving general health so that these benefits persist even after significant weight loss from diet and exercise.

4 Popular Nootropics Used For Weight Loss

If you're looking for 4 of the most popular Nootropics used for weight loss, consider the following:

In a study at Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers found that taking Modafinil significantly reduced calorie intake in a group of obese men and women.

Modafinil has been on the market for over 20 years, but it wasn't until recently that researchers discovered its weight loss properties.

In another study performed by the University of Cambridge, it was found that this drug increased blood flow to parts of the brain associated with appetite control.

Modafinil has been shown to improve focus and concentration which is why this smart drug may be advantageous when dieting.

Another popular Nootropic for weight loss is L-theanine.

It has been shown to alter the neurotransmitters involved in appetite suppression and also increased dopamine levels which help control cravings.

L-theanine is found in green tea but has also been combined with caffeine.

This Nootropic can be purchased online or at your local vitamin store.

One of the most popular nootropics for weight loss, raspberry ketones are not regulated by the FDA.

Raspberry ketones contain a compound called adiponectin which helps regulate metabolism.

They also increase the levels of norepinephrine in the body, thus increasing lipolysis (the breakdown of triglycerides).

This leads to an increased amount of energy and fatty acids needed for fuel; ultimately enhancing weight loss.

Caffeine by itself helps reduce hunger and suppresses the appetite, but when combined with other Nootropics it has even more benefits.

For example, a study performed at Harvard University found that caffeine can increase endurance performance which allows you to exercise longer and burn more calories overall.

Adding L-theanine or green tea into the mix will also enhance fat burning while providing you with more energy.

The combination of these three nootropics will have a synergistic effect.

In other words, the results from this stack are greater than the sum of its parts!