5 Powerful Nootropics For Programmers

In this article I'll take you through 5 powerful nootropics for programmers that will help you to work better and faster. You can take these nootropics on their own or as part of a stack for maximum effect.

I'll also show you how to take them, what to expect and how to maximize your results. So without further ado, let's just get straight into it, shall we?

First things first, why use Nootropics for programming?

One of the many benefits of nootropics for programmers is that they help you work better and faster.

Your mental clarity will increase, you'll feel more energetic and focused throughout the day.

Nootropics for programmers can help you to:

1. Focus better on the task at hand and filter out distractions.
2. Increase your productivity and output of work by getting more done in a shorter period of time with increased motivation and concentration.
3. Improve your memory recall and your ability to learn new skills faster, which will in turn allow you to acquire new skills easier, quicker or at a more rapid rate.
4. Feel more energetic and motivated throughout the day.
5. And as a result of increased mental clarity, you'll have an increased ability to solve problems faster or work out solutions for difficult programming tasks in your head.

Now that we 've got a general overview of the benefits, let's get into my top 5 nootropics for programmers.

5. Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam is a neuroprotective nootropic that protects the neurotransmitter acetylcholine – which studies have proven improves memory and learning – from being broken down.

This means that it's used by many nootropics for programmers to help protect your brain, improve long-term focus and improve mental clarity.

Phenylpiracetam is also used for increased concentration and to help you stay awake longer during the day.

It acts by stimulating the central nervous system to enhance the synthesis of acetylcholine in the brain, increasing your memory, learning ability, focus and encouraging you to learn new skills faster.

It also has a well-documented stimulant effect, making it useful for people who are struggling to stay awake during the day or who have a hard time waking up in the morning.

Phenylpiracetam is also well documented to improve verbal learning, memory and recall.

It is also useful as a nootropic for programmers who spend long periods of time in front of a screen.

5 Benefits of Phenylpiracetam for Programmers:

1. Increased mental clarity, focus and concentration.
2. More motivation and drive to work longer hours or get more done during the day or week.   3. Improved verbal learning, recall and memory.
4. Improved long term memory for new skills you acquire faster.
5. Increased productivity and output of work by getting more done in a shorter period of time with increased motivation and concentration.

Dosage:  100-300 mg per day is sufficient for the desired effect, and can be taken on its own or as part of a nootropic stack.

4. Modafinil (Provigil)

Modafinil is a classic nootropic that gives you a boost of energy, motivation and concentration.

It is used by many programmers for improved recall and learning, increased focus and concentration that will help you to learn new skills faster.

Modafinil also boosts your cognition, which is a mixture of intelligence, mental agility, memory and learning.

In fact, one study showed that it was as effective as Adderall in combating fatigue associated with chronic diseases like MS or Alzheimer's.

Modafinil is also used by programmers who have difficulty staying awake during the day or who feel tired and fatigued in the morning.

It acts by stimulating dopamine, norepinephrine and orexin neurons in the brain, which are responsible for feelings of wakefulness, motivation and mental energy.

It also stimulates the hypothalamus – a part of your brain that regulates your sleep – to encourage you to stay awake longer and delay your body's natural sleep cycle.

5 Benefits of Modafinil for Programmers:

1. Motivated and focused throughout the day to work longer hours or get more done during the day or week.
2. Improved recall and learning, which will help you learn new skills faster.
3. Better memory recall and ability for long term focus.
4. Increased motivation to work and increased productivity.
5. Improved mental energy, wakefulness and concentration to stay awake during the day or wake up earlier in the morning.

Modafinil can be addictive, so playing around with the dosages is not advisable: it's best used as a nootropic for programmers once or twice per week at most to avoid any addiction issues.

Dosage: 50-200mg

3. Caffeine + L-theanine

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that many programmers include in their nootropic stack for increased alertness, mental energy, concentration and motivation.

It also has other positive effects on your cognition and learning that make it useful for programmers.

For example, caffeine has been shown to increase motivation to work and can help you to actually get more work done. It has also been shown to increase your attention span, your attentional flexibility and working memory.

It also makes it easier to learn new skills because of its ability to improve positive cognitive effects like improved recall, focus and concentration.

L-theanine is an amino acid that is naturally found in green tea leaves, and it's also added to many nootropic stacks.

It has been shown to help improve memory and attention both independently and as another synergistic ingredient in caffeine/theanine stacks, often used together with caffeine.

5 Benefits of Caffeine + L-theanine for Programmers

1. Increased alertness, mental energy and motivation throughout the day for improved productivity.
2. Improved ability to concentrate and to focus attention.
3. Improved memory recall and learning ability.
4. Better learning of new skills, behaviors, actions and habits as a result of improved attention, concentration, memory and cognitive energy.
5. Helps you to get more work done throughout the day, or for a longer period of time during the day or week than you would be able to without caffeine + L-theanine.

Dosage: 200 mg caffeine + 100 mg L-theanine

2. Armodafinil (Nuvigil)

Armodafinil is one of the most commonly used smart drugs for programmers, often in combination with a basic choline source.

It works by directly inhibiting the degradation of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is thought to be a major player in the brain's reward system.

This allows for much longer dosing periods and higher effective doses of other nootropics like Piracetam or Aniracetam.

Armodafinil is also a potent appetite suppressant, which may be useful if you struggle with hunger throughout the day. It is thought to be helpful for those who struggle with learning and memory, or who have a low attention span.

While it is not technically a stimulant, it has many of the same effects including increased alertness, mental energy and motivation.

It also increases activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain's frontal lobes, which are often overactive in programmers.

5 Benefits of Armodafinil for Programmers

1. Improved Focus and Concentration
2. Increased Physical Energy
3. Better Memory
4. Increased Alertness and Mental Energy
5. Improved Mood and Emotional Well-Being

Dosage: 75-200mg

1. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is one of the top selling nootropic supplements in the world. It is a blend of various natural plant based extracts, acetyl-l-carnitine and caffeine.

It has been created to improve focus, memory and overall mental clarity.

It is widely used by bloggers, programmers and online entrepreneurs all over the world.

The great thing about Mind Lab Pro is that you get 11 different Nootropics in one serving.

5 Benefits of Mind Lab Pro For Programmers

1. Improved Focus
2. Enhanced Memory
3. Improved Mental Clarity
4. Reduced Brain Fog
5. Enhanced Problem-Solving Abilities

Dosage: 2 capsules a day

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for the best Nootropics for programming, then I'm sure you'll love these 5 compounds.

It's worth noting that different Nootropics have different effects on people.

The key is to find the ones that work for you, and then understand how to properly use them so that you get the results you desire.

All of the Nootropics discussed in this article will boost your focus, concentration, memory recall and learning ability.

- If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me!