Mixing Adaptogens and Nootropics: What do they do?


Are you interested in learning more about nootropics and adaptogens? If so, this article is for you!

Nootropics are supplements that enhance cognitive function. They help improve memory, focus, creativity, mood and energy levels.

Adaptogens are natural compounds that reduce stress by balancing the body’s response to physical or emotional stressors.

Together they can be a powerful combination for improving your health and cognition.

This article will cover the basics of both nootropics and adaptogens as well as how they work together to create an optimal environment for your brain chemistry.

You’ll learn what each one does individually as well as how they work together synergistically to provide benefits.

The best part is that these supplements are completely safe with very few side effects compared to other supplements on the market today!

So if you want to feel healthier without having any negative impact on your life then read on!


First things first, what are nootropics?


Nootropics are supplements that enhance cognitive function. They help improve memory, focus, creativity and mood as well as energy levels.

They work by improving the way your brain sends messages to other parts of your body (neurotransmitters) such as dopamine which helps control movement and emotions or serotonin which helps with relaxation.

There are many different types of nootropics out there that work in different ways.

The most common Nootropics include:

Choline – Choline helps with memory formation and learning new information. It works by providing raw material for the building of neurotransmitters in your brain and boosts acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is one of the most important neurotransmitters in your body that helps with muscle control, memory and learning new information.

It also plays a role in mood regulation which can lead to increased feelings of happiness!

L-Theanine – L-theanine is an amino acid that is found in green tea and helps with relaxation.

It increases GABA, dopamine and serotonin levels which help improve mood as well as lower blood pressure by dilating the arteries.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) – Phosphatidylserine or PS can be taken to boost memory formation, learning capabilities and cognitive function.

It works by modulating the release of neurotransmitters in your brain which helps you think more clearly and feel relaxed at the same time!

Choline Bitartrate – this type of choline is a combination with two other compounds that help improve memory formation, learning capabilities, mood regulation and energy levels.

Choline bitartrate is a form of choline that can be used as fuel for the brain and body.

It also helps with creating acetylcholine which acts like a “gateway” to allow messages in and out of cells.

Alpha GPC – Alpha GPC, or L-alpha glycerophosphate, is a type of choline that acts as a precursor to acetylcholine.

It helps with memory formation, learning capabilities and mood regulation among other benefits!

Caffeine – Caffeine is a stimulant that increases dopamine levels in your brain.

Dopamine helps with focus, energy and mood regulation which can help relieve depression over time.

It also plays a role in the release of adrenaline which allows you to be more alert!

It blocks adenosine which is a chemical in your brain that makes you tired.

So when caffeine blocks this, it allows for more dopamine to be present and provides feelings of increased energy!

And much more…there are literally hundreds of different nootropics out there all with their own unique benefits.


How do nootropics work in the brain?


As briefly mentioned above, nootropics work by improving neurotransmitter function.

This means they help with the formation of new neurons as well as increasing communication between existing ones in your brain and body to enhance learning capabilities, memory retention and mood regulation among other things!

Nootropics work in different ways to help with the formation of new neurons and increased synapses (the spaces between cells that allow them to communicate).

Some affect acetylcholine, dopamine or serotonin directly while others work on other pathways such as those for learning and memory!

That’s why you can’t take one nootropic and expect the same results as another.

It all depends on your needs, what you’re looking for and how they work in your body to bring about their effects!


What is an Adaptogen and what does it do?

An Adaptogen is a type of herb that helps the body adapt to stress.

There are many different types of Adaptogens and they can be found in both nootropics as well as other herbal products.

Adaptogens help bring about overall homeostasis or balance within your body which is what makes them so unique!

Adaptogens work by modulating the hypothalamic-pituitary axis which is a part of your endocrine system that regulates stress and balance.

It also modulates cortisol levels in your body to promote feelings of relaxation while giving you energy at the same time!

This can be helpful for those looking to improve their mood, memory formation and learning capabilities without any side effects.


What are some common Adaptogens?

There are many different types of adaptogens which each have their own unique benefits!

Some popular Adaptogens include:

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen that is often used to reduce stress, improve memory formation and learning capabilities.

It also helps with regulating hormones in the body!

Rhodiola Rosea – Rhodiola is another popular adaptogenic herb similar to Ashwagandha because it can be taken for improved mood regulation while giving you energy at the same time.

It’s also been shown to improve your endurance and performance levels!

Astragalus – Astragalus is a well-known Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years.

As an adaptogen, it can be beneficial for improving immune system function while providing anti-inflammatory benefits as well!

American Ginseng – One of the most popular types of Ginseng, American ginseng is beneficial for improving cognitive function including learning capabilities and memory retention.

Gingko Biloba – Gingko has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to improve blood flow throughout your body while enhancing mental clarity!

Gingko is great for improving your mood and reducing stress levels while also helping with regulating hormones in the body!


The benefits of stacking Nootropics and Adaptogens

When you combine adaptogens with nootropics, you give your body the ability to perform at optimal levels!

Nootropics work by increasing neurotransmitter function and adaptogens work on their own pathways to bring about balance and relaxation within the body.

When combined together, both of these effects can lead for improved memory formation as well as overall cognitive performance without any side effects!

One of the benefits of stacking nootropics and adaptogens is that they are often stimulant-free which makes them great for day or night use!

This can be helpful if you’re looking to improve your performance at work, school or even in the gym with no jittery feelings.

However, it’s important to note that some people may still feel some jitteriness when combining these two together.

It’s also important to note that taking different types of nootropics and adaptogens at the same time can interact with one another, so be careful in the beginning!

It’s best to start slow and see how you react.


What are some good combinations (stacks)?

Some popular combinations include:

Rhodiola Rosea and Caffeine – Rhodiola is a great adaptogen to take in the morning and Caffeine can be taken during this time as well.

This combination helps with improving your mood, focus levels and overall cognitive performance while giving you energy!

Another compound that you can throw into the mix is L-Theanine which will help to calm you down and bring about feelings of relaxation!

Ashwagandha, caffeine and Alpha-GPC – This is a great combination for those looking to improve their memory formation and learning capabilities as well as improving their mood!

This stack also helps with increasing your performance levels, focus and energy without any jittery feelings.


Side effects you might experience when stacking

As briefly mentioned earlier, some people may experience jittery feelings when first trying out any of these combinations.

If you find yourself getting too stimulated by your stack, simply decrease the amount that you’re taking and slowly work your way up again!

It’s always a good idea to be mindful of the dosages especially when stacking different nootropics and adaptogens together.

The most common side effects people experience when stacking Nootropics and Adaptogens are:

  • Headaches
  • Jitteriness
  • Crash

In order to prevent these 3 common side effects, simply start out slow and work your way up to the desired dosage until you feel comfortable!


In Summary

Nootropics and adaptogens are two completely different supplements.

Nootropics help to increase neurotransmitter function while adaptogens help to bring about relaxation and balance within the body and brain.

There are many different types of nootropics that can be taken alone or with adaptogens depending on your needs.

But always make sure to start slow when beginning a new stack!

When combined together, Nootropics and Adaptogens can lead to improved memory formation, relaxation as well as overall cognitive performance without any side effects.




What is the most powerful adaptogen?

Functional medicine doctor Josh Axe states that “Panax (Asian) ginseng is the most potent and well-known adaptogen for boosting mental performance and reducing stress.

Do adaptogens have side effects?

According to recent research, there is limited long-term study on adaptogens’ physiological effects over time. There’s also little evidence of negative side effects for people who take them regularly or in high doses.

Who shouldn’t take adaptogens?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use adaptogens. They may affect hormone levels, so consult a doctor or dietitian about using them safely with other medicine you take before continuing to use it.

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