Phenylpiracetam: Everything You Need To Know (Benefits & Risks)


Phenylpiracetam is the newest member of a long line of cognitive enhancing drugs that aim to boost mental function and potentially provide an edge on memory, focus, and attention.

Though the drug is not currently FDA-approved for therapeutic use, it has nonetheless been studied and used by students, researchers, athletes, and professionals in a number of different settings.

Phenylpiracetam is one of the few types of nootropics that is also prescribed as a treatment for narcolepsy.

As an anti-fatigue agent and stimulant, Phenylpiracetam has been shown to improve wakefulness by stimulating mental activity without causing nervousness or over-stimulation.



Effects of Phenylpiracetam in the brain

One of the more interesting qualities about Phenylpiracetam is that it is able to help people focus better without any of the side effects associated with other focus drugs like Adderall. This increased potency is due to its active ingredient, phenylpiracetam.

It is a nootropic stimulant that affects the way our body handles dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA and glutamate in ways that increase verbal fluency and memory while reducing anxiety levels.

Using the drug can put you in a good mood and make you feel more alert without affecting your mental processes or ability to concentrate, unlike amphetamines for instance.

This is a reason why cognitive enhancement drugs like Phenylpiracetam are often preferred by those who use methamphetamines for study or work as it can help clear any mind jitters associated with stimulants.


The difference between Phenylpiracetam and all other nootropics

Phenylpiracetam is quite different from the rest of the nootropic supplements. It improves memory, focus, and attention without causing loss of sleep or a feeling of anxiety.

To put it simply, this is because phenylpiracetam has been found to cause a spike in the brain chemicals dopamine and acetylcholine when taken at a high dosage as opposed to other drugs that only increase levels in hippocampus and striatum regions.

This means that it increases attention but does not cause mental fatigue, nervousness or over-stimulation like amphetamines do for instance.



Unlike most other types of nootropics, Phenylpiracetam has been studied on non-psychiatric populations. Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of conditions ranging from helping with students’ test anxiety and boosting focus during exams to helping people with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Also, unlike all the other smart drugs (Nootropics) that are available today, Phenylpiracetam tends to be quite safe. Research suggests that even at high doses, phenylpiracetam offers few side effects as opposed to other nootropic drugs like Adderall or Ritalin.



There have been some reports of people developing psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, paranoia and irritability after the use of Phenylpiracetam, though it is not yet clear whether these are due to some factor that is unique to this drug or if they are more commonly associated with other smart drugs such as amphetamines.

However, most other nootropics sold on the market are not nearly as potent so they are unlikely to cause any problems.

Also, while Phenylpiracetam can be quite effective in helping increase mental function, it has not been shown to cause catatonia or psychosis so its side effects should be safer than those of other drugs.


How to use Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam works best when it is taken as a powder. The recommended dose for adults is between 50 and 150 milligrams. However, different people respond to it differently, making it hard to determine the right dosage for the individual.

To ensure that you will not experience any adverse side effects or overdose, you should start at a low dose and proceed with caution by taking small amounts over time.

This will also allow your body to build up a tolerance so that you can safely take higher doses in the future.

Before you begin taking Phenylpiracetam, make sure that you talk to your healthcare provider so that you can get the correct dosage for your body type and any other conditions or medications you may be taking.

There is a lot of evidence to support the idea that certain nootropics work better when they are paired with each other.

However, there is little information on whether Phenylpiracetam needs to be taken in conjunction with other drugs in order for it to work well.

As such, it is best not to mix this drug with any other drug or substance without first consulting a medical professional and/or reading relevant research on the subject.

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Is Phenylpiracetam legal?

Phenylpiracetam is classified as a prescription drug and is not legal to possess, use, or buy. Phenylpiracetam was developed in Russia in 1983, and it is a prescription-only drug in that country.

If you live in Germany you can legally buy nootropics online, however, you still need a prescription to take them.

Due to a heavy influx of counterfeit drugs from China and other countries selling this substance as Adrafinil (another smart pill which is sold legally over the counter), many countries have placed restrictions on importing nootropics for personal use.


In Summary

Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic drug that was originally developed in the Soviet Union. According to recent studies, it has been used for an array of different conditions including improving memory, learning and focus.

But the research on phenylpiracetam is relatively new, so it’s not entirely clear how effective this smart pill actually is when compared to other drugs.

Phenylpiracetam may be safe to take if you follow recommended dosage guidelines but the side effects and safety profiles of other smart drugs may be much better than what you’ll get from phenylpiracetam alone.

If you’re interested in purchasing phenylpiracetam, talk to your doctor first. You may be able to get the right dosage from a doctor or over the phone and then use that information to purchase this substance from an online provider.

For serious nootropic novices, it’s best to stick with the drugs that have been tested in the literature for safety and proven effective.

If you are interested in more natural and natural friendly smart pills, you should try out other alternatives like Choline Bitartrate or Huperzine A.

Since phenylpiracetam has been largely only studied on rats and mice, there is not a great deal of human research available on this substance either. In fact, there is very little animal research available on phenylpiracetam.


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