What Does Agmatine Sulfate Do To Your Body?


Agmatine Sulfate is a popular Nootropic that has been shown to boost the production of nitric oxide synthase as well as mental clarity and energy.


Agmatine sulfate is an organic compound that is obtained from animals, bacteria, and plants.

Other names of agmatine scientifically used are Decarboxylated arginine, Agmatin, and Guanidine.

Agmatine has its major effects on the brain and nervous system of a human.

Here are some of the topics we will be covering in today’s article:

  • What is Agmatine Sulfate
  • What does agmatine sulfate do to your body?
  • Mode of action (MoA)
  • Benefits of agmatine
  • Does Agmatine Sulfate help you lose weight?
  • Does agmatine sulfate break your fast?
  • When should you take it?

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What is Agmatine Sulfate?

Agmatine is a natural molecule of arginine from the family of amino acids.

It is a neurotransmitter that has its role in ion channels, nitric oxide synthesis, and various functions in different body organs.

It can be found in a small amount naturally in humans.

It is produced in various organs like kidneys, brain, liver, and small intestine. It is also found naturally in octopus muscles, sponges, and mammalian brains.



What does Agmatine Sulfate do to your body?

The exact role of agmatine sulfate in the human body is still not discovered by scientists.

The important thing known about it is that it has a significant role in metabolic functions. It has also been found that it affects the functioning of the nervous system and helps with anxiety and depression.

It is a compound which has its effects on various enzymes and receptors in the body. It is present in the highest amount in the gut where it is produced by bacteria living there.

Right after entering the body, agmatine targets the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Agmatine sulfate activates both of these systems which result in a mild reduction in heart rate and blood pressure.

Agmatine sulfate acts on its various molecular targets which include norepinephrine release, NO-production, and imidazoline receptors subtypes.

Role of Agmatine Sulfate on kidneys

Agmatine sulfate also has its effects on the kidney.

It increases the rate of glomerular filtration and exerts nephroprotective effects on the kidney.

Role of Agmatine Sulfate on glucose regulation

Agmatine sulfate has a role in glucose regulation.

Its effects are due to the modulation of various molecular mechanisms that regulates blood glucose regulation.

Role of Agmatine Sulfate on the nervous system

Agmatine has also been considered a neurotransmitter.

Agmatinase enzyme is the one that inactivates its functioning. Agmatine is produced in the brain cells and stored in synaptic vesicles.

Agmatine binds to a specific receptor and to imidazoline receptor binding sites which result in the blockade of the NMDA receptor’s activity.

Since agmatine works on Henry Dale’s criteria of neurotransmitter thus it is called a co transmitter or a neuromodulator.


Mode of action

Agmatine is present naturally in many cells of the body where it has many important cellular functions to perform.

In order to find out its mechanism, researchers have performed experiments on humans, various animals, and bacteria.

It has been found out that Agmatine sulfate restricts the production of Nitric Oxide Synthase (an enzyme that produces nitric oxide). These nitric oxide synthase enzymes are of three types:

  1. One of which is iNOS (inducible) which is responsible for the production of large among of Nitric oxide. Larger production of this enzyme may cause inflammation.
  2. Another important enzyme is nNOS which is neuronal and is mainly responsible for the signaling between different neurons across the brain and acts as a messenger. If not checked, this may inhibit the repair and growth of neurons.
  3. The third type of enzyme is eNOS found in endothelial. It is responsible for the signaling of vasodilation to help increase blood flow. Blood pressure lowers as the blood flow increases along with an increase in the import of oxygen and other nutrients.

Scientists, therefore, suggest that agmatine is responsible for the regulation of nitric oxide levels by inhibiting the production of the above-mentioned enzymes.

Benefits of Agmatine Sulfate

There are not many but enough studies which prove the benefits of agmatine sulfate when it comes to health.

It has been proven beneficial if taken in the right amount at the right time.

Some of its widely explained benefits are on mental health which I will list down below.

Mental Health

Some research of agmatine on animals have proven that it has a role in treating illnesses like Stress, anxiety, and depression.

Taking agmatine as per the doctor’s instructions can help you control these illnesses.

In the case of depression, agmatine sulfate acts by completely removing the depressive system.

This occurs in the blocking of NMDA receptors and not through the pathways of serotonin.

Stroke is a nervous system disorder in which the blood vessel leading to the brain is blocked.

Agmatine can protect a person from stroke by inhibiting the enzymes; iNOS and nNOS and increasing eNOS. An Increase in eNOS can help the flow of blood to continue to the brain.

This research, however, is limited to mice only and not yet proven on humans.

Furthermore, the effects of agmatine on tumor cells are under research. In fact, they are in their early stages.

Several tests on mice have indicated that agmatine prevented the growth of tumor cells in the connective tissue in mice.

But these researches in no way demonstrates that agmatine is good for cancer patients, it only suggested its effects on an animal yet.

Does Agmatine Sulfate help you lose weight?

Agmatine sulfate is indeed an important supplement of a healthy diet.

If you are conscious about your health and want to bring your body in shape with a healthy diet, you should be the one taking it in your diet.

Agmatine sulfate helps in increased muscle mass and increased fat burning. Food having agmatine in it is really good for weight loss.

It can be included directly into weight loss supplements but it is not been in use for the production of supplements yet.

Even when you are consuming more calories, agmatine stops the deposition of fat while building the mass of muscles which says that if you’re into bodybuilding, losing weight, or want to gain strength, this agmatine sulfate is the right supplement for you.

A powdered form of agmatine sulfate is available which can be directly taken orally. The powdered agmatine sulfate helps in increasing its level in the body.

Transparents Lab Agmatine supplements are considered among one of the best agmatine sulfate tablets. 1 tub of these supplements contains 100 tablets, 1g with each serving.

One scoop of this supplement is taken with 8-10 ounces of water just before the work-out.

Not only does this supplement helps in bodybuilding, but it also has its role in boosting the process of healing, curing mental illnesses like stress, anxiety, depression, and regulation of blood pressure, blood glucose level.

This agmatine sulfate is just a supplement on which a person should not completely rely. There are always better and proven options available for fat burning, weight loss, and bodybuilding.


Does agmatine sulfate break your fast?

Taking agmatine sulfate do break the fast.

It should be avoided. However, if you are focusing more on autophagy, that can be completely done by fasting by letting your body do its job.

The only thing that should be taken during fasting is water and a little amount of salt. It will do the job. It has been suggested not to take supplements during a fast.

The reason for this is some supplements are required to be eaten with food. While there are some other that can be taken during a fast but that should not include sugar or calories.


When should you take Agmatine Sulfate (day or night time?)

Due to various proven benefits of agmatine sulfate in the human body and its great potential to cure several diseases, it has been widely recommended to take agmatine sulfate supplements.

It has also proven to be nutraceutical and consuming it can help you prevent various diseases.

Taking the right amount of these supplements can benefit you in a lot of ways especially if you’re seeking to lose weight or to gain strength.

If you are suffering from neuropathic pain, taking agmatine sulfate orally for three months can help you provide a really effective, safe, and quick treatment.

It has been suggested that taking a total of six oral supplements – three doses in the morning and three in the evening helps you maintain good health throughout.

In a case study, a number of people continued to take a high dosage of agmatine sulfate supplements for about five years. In a gelatin capsule, 2.67 g of agmatine was added which was to be taken once everyday, thrice in the morning, and thrice in the evening for the next 4-5 years.

Regular blood and urine tests and physical assessments were taken.

This experiment helped us find out the importance of agmatine sulfate in our lives and proves the safety of long-term high dosage of agmatine.

In Conclusion

Agmatine sulfate, a neurotransmitter, is derived from arginine.

It is proven to be really important when it comes to health and has become EXTREMELY popular as a Nootropic.

It has little to no side-effects if taken regularly.

But that doesn’t mean there is no damage in taking natural products at a high dose.

Its importance in weight loss and bodybuilding at the same time should not be ignored.

Apart from that, taking Agmatine Sulfate without any prescription from the physician or taking it as an alternative to any other medicine may have an adverse effect on your health.


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